Linwell Gardens is a licensed young plant propagator; CFIA certified in compliance with GCP.

We provide growers with top quality rooted liners from leading industry breeders including, Ball-Seed, Beekenkamp, Dummen Orange, Kientzler, Suntory and Syngenta Flowers. 

Geraniums - 150+
Geraniums are a strong sun loving annual. Great for both garden beds and hanging baskets. They are easy to care for and will flower all summer long. 
Calibrachoa - 200+
Calibrachoa produce an abundance of bell-like flowers which is why they are also known as millionbells. They are a sun loving flower that tends to trail. Great for baskets, planters and the garden bed.
Begonias - 100+
Begonias as are sub-tropical annual flower that loves part-sun. They are easy to care for with the right amount of sunlight. Great for garden beds and hanging baskets.
Spring Annuals - 1200+
Linwell Gardens offers a large selection of spring flowers and vegetative annuals. We carry a comprehensive selection to complete your planting experience.
Chrysanthemums - 200+
Chrysanthemums are a perennial plant that flowers throughout the fall season. With bright vibrant colours they are a great addition to both the garden beds and containers of all sizes.
Poinsettias - 150+
Poinsettias are the perfect flower for the Christmas season. They are full of bright colours including reds, greens, pinks, whites and combos. A great addition to any holiday decorations.
Succulents - 100+
Succulents are extremely popular indoor plants for both home gardeners and professionals. They are easy-to-grow plants that look great right from the start and hold their beauty all year round. 
Tropicals - 150+
Linwell Gardens offers a large variety of tropical pants. Tropical plants and flowers can make a great addition to hanging baskets and planter mixes. Each plant has unique foliage and bright colours to help make your arrangements stand out.